What is a Public Adjuster?

A Public Adjuster will represent you during the entire claim process by evaluating, estimating and negotiating your claim in the case of a loss. As your public adjusters, Dati Public Adjusters can appraise your damage, prepare an estimate for your home insurance claim and manage interactions with your insurance company.

We act as an advocate for you, the policyholder, in the home insurance claim process. We will provide you with home insurance claim advice and services that will ensure you receive the maximum compensation you deserve.

Filing Home Insurance Claims – Taking Charge Is To Your Advantage.

Frankly, insurance companies are in business of making serious money. In fact, the insurance agent who sold you your policy has a loss ratio that he is constantly trying to keep down. Agents often inform their clients that they shouldn't bother with submitting their home insurance claim because it won't exceed your deductible, or because your rates will go up as the result of submitting the claim.

Insurance adjusters specialize in keeping home insurance claim payout amounts very low. Even if your insurance adjuster is not working against you, he will be responsible for many homeowners insurance claims at once, and could be making huge mistakes with your money.

Don’t be overwhelmed – we are here to help serve you in several ways.

We can help negate all of these issues by filing your claim acting as your Personal Advocate in Property Damage Insurance Claims…taking control and negotiating the highest settlement possible.